Tuition & Registration

An annual registration fee of $25 ($40 per family) is due at registration. Registration is not considered complete until the registration fee and the first tuition installment has been paid by September 10th.

Tuition Due Dates

Tuition is divided into quarterly payments. There are four total payments annually. Tuition is calculated for the year and then divided into weeks. Holidays, vacations, and recital preparation time/rehearsals are all taken into account. 2nd child will receive a 10% discount; 3rd Child 5% discount; discounts applicable if annual tuition paid in full, non-refundable. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Payment Due Date Date Range
1st Sept. 10 Sept. 11 – Nov. 10, 2017
2nd Nov. 10 Nov. 11 – Jan. 10, 2018
3rd Jan. 10 Jan. 11 – Mar. 10, 2018
4th March 10 Mar. 11 – May 11, 2018

Late Payments

If your account is 7 days past due, there will be a $10 late fee added to your account. If your account is 14 days past due, there will be an additional $10 late fee added to your account. If account is 30 days past due, your child will not be able to participate in class until paid.

Tuition Details

Any late registrations/start dates will not be pro-rated. Withdrawal from any class at East Coast Dance Center must be in writing and given to director, and there will be no refunds for remaining weeks. All tuition is non-refundable.

*Tuition charges will be posted to your online account and emailed for each quarter by the 1st of the month. If you store a credit card on file with ECDC, you opt in to automatically be charged each quarter on the due date. If you choose not to store a credit card online, you must drop off check or cash by the due date. You are responsible for checking your emails.

We do not refund for missed classes & absences.

Tuition Payments

Hours Per Week Quarterly Tuition 2nd Child at 10% Off
30 minutes $85 $76.50
45 minutes $105 $94.50
1 hour $125 $112.50
1 hour 15 minutes $155 $139.50
1 hour 30 minutes $185 $166.50
1 hour 45 minutes $205 $184.50
2 hours $225 $202.50
2 hours 15 minutes $255 $229.50
2 hours 30 minutes $275 $247.50
2 hours 45 minutes $300 $270
3 hours $325 $292.50
3 hours 15 minutes $340 $306
3 hours 30 minutes $355 $319.50
3 hours 45 minutes $380 $342
4 hours $385 $346.50
4 hours 15 minutes $405 $364.50
4 hours 30 minutes $430 $387
4 hours 45 minutes $440 $396
Unlimited Classes $455 $409.50


Costumes are priced at $75 per student/per class. $80 for XL-Adult sizes. Boys costumes: $65 all sizes. Full costume payments are due November 10th. Alterations are the responsibility of the parent, should something need to be adjusted. *Size exchanges are subject to an additional $15 shipping/handling fee if the costume does not fit. Failure to pay costume fees will result in delayed ordering of your child's costume and $25 shipping and handling late fee will be charged to your account. If your account balance is not paid up to date with tuition or any other associated dance fees, your child will not be allowed to take home costumes. Costume Fees are non-refundable.