Dance Company

The Dance Company program at ECDC is a performance and competition team for kids who are ready to take their dancing to the next level.

This requires a commitment to dance as well as a team. Dancers ages 7-18 will be invited to join Dance Company by the director. It will be based on ability, experience, and age. The teams compete in a minimum of two competitions each spring and multiple local performances throughout the year.

Some requirements of company students include:

  • 1 year of prior dance training
  • Ballet technique classes
  • 1 master class/workshop each year
  • 6 weeks of summer dance training with ECDC, and more

Joining a team is a great way for the dancers to make friends, improve their technique, and experience the joy and happiness dance brings! Company members must maintain excellent attendance to all dance classes at this studio; positive attitudes in all relationships with instructors and fellow dancers; studio pride and a willingness to be part of a team!

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What Parents and Students are Saying about ECDC

"My daughter has been a dance student at East Coast Dance Center going on her 5th year now! Michelle and her staff are professional and most of all fun! I knew we were in a special dance center when at my daughters first grade talent show she got a standing ovation after performing her ballet routine. Her routine brought tears to her teachers eyes! ECDC is a special place where the instructors work and inspire children of all abilities!" ~Rene Psichos